Thanks to the killer musicians who provide the soundtracks to our lives and the strings for our guitar string bangle bracelets, and an extra special thanks to The Tommy Mitchell show for inspiring our designer to create guitar string jewelry.

So, where do DesignSea bangles come from?  This guy.   Meet the musician behind the strings.  


"When the idea of doing a solo show popped into my mind, the obvious became very apparent: It is just me. The idea is both liberating and terrifying! On one hand, I would have complete control. Not only could I practice whenever I wanted; I could start, stop, left turn, reverse… whatever I wanted without having to plan it out. On the other hand if things go wrong, I’m on my own. In front of everyone…

I have chosen to embrace the former. I have spent hours upon hours arranging and practicing  both original songs and covers with a loop pedal, which allows me to record and layer my guitar, vocals and other various instruments (Percussion, Lap Steel, Melodica, Ukulele, Harmonica, etc..). The result often gets mistaken for a full band! Since nobody wants to watch someone build a loop for three minutes then just play the same thing for another three minutes, the key is to build the loop slowly and tastefully. It has been amazingly challenging and fun working to achieve the correct balance.

"I have been studying and writing music since the age of 12 when I started playing the guitar.  Since that time, I have learned to play many instruments including those listed above, in addition to drums, keys, mandolin, and banjo.  I am starting to play the saxophone as well.  I received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Music form Bucknell University.  I was the Founder and Music Director of The Chops Woodshed Academy in North County San Diego before deciding to perform full-time with The Blue Moonies and The Tommy Mitchell Show.  I have the rarest wide in the word named Christine.  Oh, and I like to surf!"

-From The Tommy Mitchell Show's website

Tom Mitchell is the man behind The Tommy Mitchell Show and the guitarist/ vocalist for The Blue Moonies.  While he's working on his first solo album for The Tommy Mitchell Show, hear him play with The Blue Moonies.