Thanks to the killer musicians who provide the soundtracks to our lives and the strings for our guitar string bangle bracelets.  So, where do DesignSea bangles come from?  These guys.  Meet the band behind the bangles.


...ahh, The Blue Moonies. Where to begin? First of all, they are all deeply, deeply in love with music. It is all they do all day every day.  All have studied music at the college level.  All are music teachers.  It was actually when they were all teaching at The School of Rock in Vista, CA School of Rock that they came together and began this once in a blue moon adventure.

In June of 2010 only months after forming, they went into the studio to live track their debut album. Nine songs in two days. Pheww! A full year later overdubs and mixing were complete and it was off to The Resonation Room in Escondido, CA to be mastered by the extraordinary Aaron Bagley. Although recorded digitally, it is all vintage keyboards and tube amps. The motto of the band has always been: "If you don't like this song, just wait five minutes. Something's coming down the pipe just for you."

The Blue Moonies are pummeling audiences all over San Diego with Jody Bagley's keys/ vocals, Tom Mitchell's guitar/ vocals, Jason Simmons' bass/ vocals, and Tristan Faulk-Webster's drums.

-Adapted from The Blue Moonies' website




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