Most of DesignSea's bangle bracelets are available in sizes small, medium, and large, and the following information will help you take your measurements and choose your size.  When you're choosing your size, remember that the decision is ultimately personal preference and depends on how you like your jewelry to fit. 

STEP 1. take your measurements

To take your measurements, either measure the inside circumference of a bangle that you like the fit of or measure your hand.

To measure your hand:

  • Position your hand as if you're putting on a bangle (thumb across your palm, towards your pinky).
  • Measure the circumference of your hand at the widest part (across your knuckles and thumb; leave measuring tape a little loose to make sure bangle can comfortably be put on)
  • The number where the measuring tape ends touch is your hand size.

You can also cut a string in the lengths below and tie the ends together so it becomes a circular-bracelet shape.  If you can slide the string onto your wrist, the size corresponding to the string length will fit you.  Remember that DesignSea's bangle bracelets are flexible-- not stretchable-- so use something like a piece of string, rather than a stretchy rubber band, to ensure a more accurate measurement.


STEP 2. Choose your size

Then, use your measurement to help you choose your size.  

SMALL: 7.5"- 7.75" circumference
MEDIUM: 8"- 8.25" circumference
LARGE: 8.75"- 9" circumference

Keep in mind:

  • The final decision is personal preference.
  • Medium is our "one size fits most" option.
  • The sizes have some flexibility because our bangles can be squished into an oval to put them on.
  • The twisted and beaded bangles are a little less flexible than the Hit Singles.

  • If you like your bangles to hang loosely, choose the size whose range is a bit larger than your measurement.
  • If you're bordering two sizes, you may want to consider selecting the larger size to ensure a comfortable fit.
  • Because each bracelet is handmade, the circumference measurements above may vary slightly (approx. 1/4") from the exact measurements of the bracelet you receive.