Extra, extra, read all about us!  Thanks to all the magazine, websites, and blogs that have featured DesignSea and our products.  

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Our ears are ringing and our cheeks are blushing from all the wonderful feedback customers have been giving DesignSea.  We've heard lots of great comments around the water cooler-- and by "water cooler" we mean DesignSea's Etsy shop review page.  Here are some of our favorites.


"Wear it every day!"  -Holly B., Frankfort, KY

"Very dainty bracelet.  Just beautiful!"  -Jennifer M., Borden, IN

"Purchased this as a gift.  She is in love with it!!!!  Thanks!"  -Erica G., Torrington, CT

"LOVE LOVE LOVE this bracelet… Cannot wait to wear ALL THE TIME!!!"  -Megan C., Beaver, PA

"Charming, stylish, a fashion piece that truly makes a statement…  Thanks for making these for me."  -Judy W., Oldomar, FL

"The bangles create a nice, classic look, but the groove of the strings add a little edgy-ness.  They will be a huge part in my bracelet rotation and I will definitely be shopping here again :)"  -Kimberly L., Torrance, CA

"I absolutely LOVE this bracelet!  I will be ordering more by the end of the week! …  I adore the way this bracelet looks & how unique it is & I've gotten so many compliments & I can't wait to buy more to stack them!"  -Rebecca Z., Shirley, NY

"The perfect set of stackable bangles- they go with any look and the best part is: you don't ever have to take these off. They are smooth and don't catch on clothing.  They've become a staple in my overall style."  -Rachel R., Santa Monica, CA

-From DesignSea's Etsy shop feedback


Our art is meant to be used and our jewelry is made to be worn, so the biggest compliment is hearing that you use our pieces, rock our jewelry, and sport our bracelets.  We love seeing our work in action, and are dying to check out your DesignSea style.  Post a pic and tag @DesignSeaHandmade with #howwerockit for jewelry and decor and #welookbangin for bracelets.  We'll share our favorites here and here.  Find out more here.

Did you feature DesignSea in your blog?  Email us at info@designseahandmade with a link to the feature, and will we blast that baby all over the internet (realistically speaking, we'll post it on our social media pages and we'll put our favorites in our Press section).  And p.s. thank you!