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I saw a bracelet set in DesignSea's Etsy shop that I would like to personalize/ make substitutions/ order in a different size.  Can I do this on DesignSeaHandmade.com?  And if so, how?
Yes!  You can see all of our bracelet sets by clicking here.  Click on the set you'd like to order, and you can personalize/ customize/ order different sizes directly from the page.


How do I polish my bracelets?
Silver polish/ cleaner works well, and see more info about how to care for your jewelry here


When will my order ship?
In stock orders are processed the business day after your order is placed, and will typically ship 1-2 business days after processing.  We do our best to ship orders out quickly, so orders may be shipped out faster than estimated.  Click here for more shipping info.


Where is my order?
We will email you with tracking info once your order has shipped, and you can track your package here.

Does DesignSea ship internationally?
We currently ship within the USA only, and we'll be expanding our shipping territory into other countries as we grow.  If you're an international customer who would like us to hurry up and offer shipping to your wonderfully exotic location, please contact us and let us know.  Click here for more shipping info.


We're featuring DesignSea on our blog.  Can we use picture from your website?
Yes!  Please make sure to give us photo credit and include a link to our website.  Contact us with any other questions/ requests. 


Does DesignSea offer wholesale?
Many of our items are one-of-a-kind or limited release, but do we offer wholesale on jewelry and other select items.  Contact us with requests and for more info.


Does DesignSea accept custom orders?
We do not accept custom orders but we are always expanding our product lines and evolving our current collection offerings, so drop us a line and let us know what you're looking and it may become available on DesignSeaHandmade.com soon.


Hey girl, can I get your digits? 
As a small team, we have found that we are able to respond to your questions more quickly and efficiently through email.  So please contact us here or email us at info@designseahandmade.com.

I won an item in a contest/giveaway, but I would like something else instead. Can I return/exchange it?
We do not accept returns or exchanges for items awarded in contests or giveaways, but we're sure you have a friend that would love it!

Can you tell me more about your jewelry organizers and trays?
Our jewelry organizers, trays, and other wooden home decor are hand crafted reclaimed wood and various other reclaimed materials, such as hardware and hooks.  The display will have some battle scars & light signs of past lives, such as nicks, scratches, dents, dings, and color variations. These are desirable characteristics that make the piece even more unique and special!  Measurements are approximate, but will be within 0.5" of actual measurements.

Can you tell me more about your guitar string bangle bracelets?
These authentic strings have been previously used to play sweet, sweet music. They may have some battle scars, light signs of wear, and variations from the bangle shown in the pictures.  These are characteristics that make the bracelet even more bad ass.

Because of the materials and methods used, no two bangles are identical and bangle you receive will be similar, but not identical, to bangle shown in pictures. Common variations include, but are not limited to: slight color variations and wire wrapping variations (including width and thickness of wrap).


Can you gift wrap my order?
We wrap our jewelry in eco-friendly envelopes, the majority of which we hand make from a variety of reclaimed materials, including sheet music, maps, books, and other interesting paper products.  These envelopes not only help us embody our Mamma Nature mission, but they look cool and can double as gift wrap.  Just add a ribbon (or not) and your gift is good to go.


Can you remove the price tags for you ship it?  
No problem!  Our pieces are not shipped with price tags, so we've got you covered.


I'm buying a bracelet set for my sister, but I'm not sure what size to order.  What should a generous sibling like me do?
If you can, make like a spy and secretly measure a bracelet she already owns (or measure one of your own as a control-bangle) and use our size guide to help you choose the size based on that measurement.  When in doubt, size medium is our one-size-fits-most recommendation. 


I'm ordering bangles for my bridesmaids and need them to arrive by a certain date.  Is that possible?
We're happy to help.  Orders ship with 1-3 business days, so select the shipping method that's best for you and you can contact us to let us know the date you need them by so we get get the out to you quickly.  Click here fore more info on shipping.  P.S. Congratulations! 


Ahhh! Christmas snuck up on me!  I'm ordering gifts, but am cutting it close-- will my presents arrive in time?
We're happy to help.  Orders ship with 1-3 business days, so select the shipping method that's best for you and you can contact us to let us know the date you need them by so we get get the out to you quickly.  Click here fore more info on shipping. 


Do you accept guitar string donations?  I play/ my son/ my BF/ my GF/ my BFF/ my frienemy/ my crush/ my aquantance/ my (insert any noun here) plays acoustic guitar/ electric guitar/ exotic Spanish guitar/ (insert the name of any string instrument here) and would like to donate.  
Yes!  We accept donations for any and all strings from any and all instruments.  Ship them to the address below and please include your name, your band's name (if applicable), your website/ Facebook/ any other info you want us to know so we can give you a shout out on our Dumpster Dodgers and/ or Bands pages.


My old strings are pretty dirty/ rusty/ broken… Is that OK?
Totally. We clean them, de-rust them, and get them looking like new.  Send us whatever you've got and we'll take care of the rest.


I haven't been playing that much, so I only have about 1-6 strings… Is that OK?
Yes!  We appreciate any and all donations and are thrilled to accept anywhere from 1-infinity strings.  Send us a bunch at once or just drop them in the mail whenever you change your strings and DesignSea and Mamma Nature will heart you and a half.


Cool, I'm in.  Where should I send the guitar strings?
You can send the strings to us at: