We are creative recyclers, resourceful problem solvers, and Mamma Nature's girls who believe that function and style should go hand in hand with environmentally friendliness.  We create a wide range of eco-friendly products with inspired designs that look fabulous while serving a purpose.

DesignSea is an eco-friendly company, which to us means we keep Mamma Nature in mind with everything we do.  Our pieces are made from reclaimed materials, our office is furnished with reused furniture, and our studio is stocked with tools and supplies which have lived past lives.  We use second hand office supplies whenever possible, we pack our items with nearly 100% recycled materials, and we even work outside almost every day in order to conserve energy (well, and because we love it).  Check out our blog to learn more about our Mamma Nature lifestyle and for everyday tips you can use to be green and save green.




Carolyn Raskauskas is DesignSea's designer and artist.  She personally designs and crafts each of our pieces from start to finish-- from developing the concept, to collecting materials, to hand painting the finishing touches.  Each product was inspired by a problem she has personally had; she uses reclaimed materials as the foundation for her solutions so that the resulting pieces are functional, stylish, and eco-friendly.

A self taught artist, Carolyn has over 16 years of experience working in fashion directly with customers, and she uses this experience to create beautiful, versatile pieces which perform to fill your needs and fit your lifestyle.  Carolyn is from Maryland and Delaware, studied at University of Colorado, Boulder and in Perth, Australia, and currently lives in San Diego.  She's been told her spirit animal is a raccoon due to her resourcefulness, and she is still unclear if that was a compliment. 



DesignSea's unique, handmade collections include one-of-a-kind jewelry, gifts, and home decor which are expertly crafted from reclaimed, reused, and recycled materials.  Our goal is to create aesthetically pleasing eco-solutions for your existing needs, so function and style are always in the forefront of our designs.

Our ever-evolving collections are influenced by material availability and your feedback, so make sure to stay in touch by signing up for our newsletter, reading our blog, and following us on Facebook to hear about new arrivals and limited release products.  Please contact us to let us know what you think and if you're looking for an item that's not currently available.